Snowbirds 17: The Amazing Management Jewel-Heist of 2001

location_city Sydney schedule Sep 25th 09:00 - 09:20 AM place Business Agility Australia 2018 people 1 Interested

Extending agile beyond software development comes with controversy - how to scale it, lead it, adopt new language, certifications, models and org design. What was wrong with simply going back to agile's origins in the generic lean and systems thinking theory of the previous 30 years? That thinking had mostly been lost, quietly murdered in the snowy Utah mountains in February 2001. Whodunnit? What can we dig up from that icy grave to develop a new way of working in the internet age?

Nigel Dalton, the reputed 'godfather of Australian agile', presents a personal view of the path forward in non-software team's adoption of agility in the 21st century.


Target Audience

developers working on applications that can be modelled using state machines (e.g. web applications) who want to test more complex properties of their software.



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