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Over the past few years marketing teams have been modernised by heavily investing in new technologies and harnessing new capabilities, but have continued to operate in the same way. Consequently, they are yet to unleash the full potential of the investments made in their people and systems. Rest uneasily... the next wave of disruption for marketing teams is here - and it’s happening through changing our processes.

Hear from the Marketing Executive of the Year (CEO Magazine) and Australia's #5 most innovative Chief Marketing Officer (CMO Council Australia) talk about her practical experiences of embedding agile ways of working within the finance and education sectors.

Gain practical insights into some of the lessons learnt from embedding an agile approach within marketing teams.

  • Understand how agile marketing is different to software agile
  • Harness new ways of working to empower those who do the work to scope their work
  • Free up people’s calendars and emails so they can do real work and improve productivity
  • Uncover basic principles that have a profound impact - on both the work and the culture

Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Defining the Agile approach: from waterfalling and engineering roots to Trisca’s application to B2B marketing
  • Agile ≠ Strategy: how to use Agile methodology from a marketing perspective and it’s role in the how – the delivery processes
  • Why Agile is something worth using within marketing practices
  • How Agile helped Trisca deliver multiple major university marketing projects within 5 days
  • People, Process, Systems: why digital marketing has driven the need for new marketing processes, through the continued introduction and implementation of new systems
  • Trisca’s example of how the history of automobile and horse transport has shown why old processes don’t work with new, disruptive systems
  • In the Zone: the importance of achieving ‘flow’ for productivity and how Agile methodology impacts this through the relaxation on authoritative micro-management
  • Trisca’s thoughts on the growth and future for Agile methodology and marketing

Learning Outcome

Art of the possible story of business agility for Marketing

Practical lessons and outcomes

Growth mindset and application of learnings from one industry (Public Sector - University) context to another (Financial Services - Banking)

Target Audience

Executives, Senior Management, Marketing professionals, All Business professionals

Prerequisites for Attendees

A general awareness and understanding of agile.


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