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Adaptive Cultures and Genworth Australia have partnered on a cultural transformation over the last 18 months.

Yvonne McIntosh (head of OD for Genworth) and Adaptive Cultures (Alison Cameron and Andrew Brown) present a story that takes us from a financial services company where key leaders believed “there is no way leaders in our organisation will be vulnerable”” to an organisation well on its way to embedding and drawing strength from vulnerability, having honest conversations and embracing reflective learning as a key tool for growth..

Hear stories of transformation from the “trenches” of leaders having challenging conversations, revealing their deeper fears and beliefs and transforming relationships, teams, strategic alignment, speed to market and business and customer outcomes.

Hear stories from the CEO through to the frontline about how transparent conversations, the power of reflection and the courage to be vulnerable are evolving the organisations beliefs about the role it can play in the market. And how organisational beliefs are evolving alongside people’s shifting beliefs about themselves, what leadership is and the responsibility each person has to being their best selves.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The story of cultural transformation (and stories relating to personal growth of leaders) will be presented from a range of perspectives.

Quotes and stories to be shared from an internal perspective by Yvonne McIntosh (Head of OD), from executive leaders and business team members at a variety of levels and the story of engaging with the organisation told from the perspective of Adaptive Cultures.

A Hero’s Journey format (loosely applied) is likely to be used to tell the story.

For example:

Call to adventure

Yvonne: Why the organisation started the journey

Adaptive Cultures: Initial Engagement

Refusal of the Call

Yvonne: Organisational objections to the Adaptive Cultures approach (personal growth aspect)

Adaptive Cultures: Risks of engagement

Tests, Allies and Enemies

Yvonne: Having difficult conversations with undermining stakeholders and enabling an ongoing journey

Adaptive Cultures: Creating a network of passionate advocates

Format of Presentation:

Alison (Adaptive Cultures)

30 second Introduction

Yvonne (Genworth)

(2 min) context -why evolve culture from a Genworth business perspective and why Adaptive Cultures partnership

Andrew (Adaptive Cultures)

(3 min) overview of the journey using the Adaptive Cultures Framework. The challenge of moving from a Compliant Dependent Culture to a Collaborative Growth Culture

Alison (Adaptive Cultures)

(3 min) implication of cultural journey for executive team and overview of executive team journey

Andrew (Adaptive Cultures) and Yvonne (Genworth)

(3 min) Creating a network of passionate advocates and difficult conversations (2 examples and stories)

Alison (Adaptive Cultures)

(3 min) Transforming beliefs through the organisation - Overcoming the Immunity to change

Andrew (Adaptive Cultures)

(2 min) engaging the board around risk culture

Yvonne (Genworth)

(2 min) Summary (where we are now) and comments from CEO

Alison (Adaptive Cultures)

(1 min) Close

Learning Outcome

Audience members will learn three key levers for enabling cultural evolution (individual, social and structural) with a specific focus on individual and social maturity and the personal growth required to evolve individual and collective beliefs about:

  • Leadership (heroic and charismatic to embodied through authenticity and distributed throughout the organisation)
  • Responsibility (from responsibility to my role to responsibility to organisational and customer outcomes as a whole)
  • Vulnerability (from vulnerability not being possible in financial services to vulnerability being essential for transformation, open relationships and better business outcomes)
  • Transparency (from it being not safe to be transparent to being not safe to not be transparent)

Audience members will also have the opportunity to see the tangible connection between individual and social evolution (cultural transformation) and achievement of business objectives AND learn about new ways of engaging Board Members in the culture journey (particularly given changing requirements for Boards to have oversight on culture).

Target Audience

This presentation appeals to anyone interested in enabling cultural transformation or evolution in their organisation (Executives, thought leaders, culture and change practitioners)


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