location_city Sydney schedule Sep 25th 04:40 - 05:00 PM AEDT place Business Agility Australia 2018

Today the business world is in a state of perpetual change and rapid transformation – something a game-changing business like Xero is at the forefront of driving. However, in its wake, businesses and industries are being disrupted. The only way to survive and be competitive is to be more nimble, adaptable and innovative than ever before. And importantly we need to think about our greatest asset – our people – in a new way.

Investing in our human capital is even more important than ever, and at Xero, we strive to continually shift the dial on our people experience, creating a positive workplace where our Xeros really can do the best work of their lives. In this presentation, Rebecca will share a number of examples of what Xero is doing to create a positive and evolving people experience


Outline/Structure of the Talk


Learning Outcome

Learn about the critical elements for creating a positive workplace and positive people experience with practical examples from Xero

Target Audience

Anyone wanting to create a workplace that allows its people to do the best work of their lives

Prerequisites for Attendees

Not required

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