Organisational Impediments to Business Agility: True story of locked leadership mindset and how to make real cultural change through unlocking business agility

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The story of the top 4 layers of leadership at large scale Australia company recognising their top 15 organisational impediments to agility and their journey to making actual change.

In this session you will understand:

  • How they looked across the entire organisation of 50,000+ people to understand what the impediments are
  • What the top 15 impediments are
  • How they brought together the top 4 layers of leadership across organisation in a room to co-create solutions to impediments, challenge leadership mindset and a real-time cultural baseline line of leadership
  • how traditional approaches to addressing and resolving organisational impediments propagated progress. Then what was actually required to start making
  • An approach that started yielding results that you can apply to your organisation

Outline/Structure of the Talk

At a high level

  • Story of the journey with c-suite to recognise organisational impediments and how they impede business agility.
  • How they listened to more than 50,000+ employees to create top 15 impediments
  • Audience survey via mobile devices
  • How the team had to think differently on approach to engaging the top 4 layers of leaders and
  • Changing thinking and organisation approach to addressing culture - e.g. moving away from a centralised project vehicle to supporting and coaching leaders in areas, and using coaching squads in frontline teams to contextualise impediments into tangible change
  • A reusable approach that took many iterations to gain momentum

Learning Outcome

  • How leaders need to change perspective, mindset, and position on their ability to enact change.
  • What are organisational impediments
  • Summary of change anti-patterns
  • An approach to making real cultural change through unlocking business agility

Target Audience

Anyone wanting to making cultural change through actual business and market agility

Prerequisites for Attendees

Look into your own organisation's leaders, processes, culture and mindset to agility and write down the top 5 impediments to change. We will use a real-time survey to collate and vote on organisational impediments experienced by conference attendees.

Bring your smartphone to engage in survey

Bring questions to discuss how to connect actual business agility (change to market) with your culture change.


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