Did Woolworths just start Australia's biggest Startup?

location_city Sydney schedule Sep 24th 09:40 - 10:00 AM place Business Agility Australia 2018 people 1 Interested

Join Jason Hair, the General Manager of Digital Transformation & Agile Practice at Woolworths Group, tells the story of WooliesX (Australia’s largest ever startup).

This is a story of the largest company in Australia, which upon realising that their size was potentially hindering their ‘Food Digital Group’s speed to market and agility, chose to create a new Line of Business, which puts the customer, innovation practice, agile ways of working and business agility at the top of their priority list.

Aided by the Enterprise Business Agility Model, a reinvigorated focus on people & culture, and a purpose built environment, WooliesX has become one of the most talked about ‘new’ tech brands in Australia.


Target Audience

developers working on applications that can be modelled using state machines (e.g. web applications) who want to test more complex properties of their software.



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