Agile transformation does not mean more effectiveness. We adopt a new way of working but what does it take to reap the benefits? How can the small (Scrum) team beat the incumbent competitor? How can a new product outgrow the companies flagship product? How can a 7 year old judoka throw a much larger and stronger opponent?

Using the principles of Judo we explore what makes Agile product development effective. We make a deep dive in the character traits and behavior of the product owner and finally we look at the environment, what do you need to build products, companies and people to dominate your competitors.

This lightweight talk will offer practical solutions and insights on how to become a better Product Owner, Product Manager or anyone responsible for setting out a Product Strategy. Based on my personal experience as Product Manager, Director, Coach, Teacher (and martial artist).

For it is our responsibility to save the world of crappy products and lead our teams like the Samurai.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1.) Start with a live judo demonstration of the three core principles in judo by (5-10 minutes). Then explain how start-ups or new product developments can use the same principles to gain leverage over incumbents. I've used this analogy in the past and it worked very well.

2.) But what if you already have a mature product and your team is fighting feature creep? Again I will use a colourful example of how losing track of the problem that the product is solving will have disastrous results, and what you can do as a product owner to avoid it.

3.) What four traits make up the Samurai and how do they translate to Product Ownership? basically it means that it's a leadership role, and by focussing on traits and seed conditions (agile "soil") Product Owners can grow to new heights.

Learning Outcome

[1] Learn how the three principles of Judo work for Product Strategy
[2] Learn what Samurai properties we can adopt to become better leaders

You will have learned:
[1] Practical strategies to combat larger enterprises that operate in your market [2] Samurai principles that will make you a better product owner/manager
[3] You should have had a good laugh or two as well

Target Audience

Product Owners, Product Managers, CxO

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic knowledge of Agile and product development would be beneficial.



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