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Early 2018, my boss told me we need a small POC for mobile app, that can run on both Android and iOS. That was my first time to develop an app in Flutter. There was much to learn, much mistake that I wish I did not make, but it was a great chance for me to start my Flutter journey.

3 months later, I tried again to improve the POC app, correct some mistake, and made some new mistake, and learn other new cool stuff.

End of 2018, I started my own project using Flutter, and learn a great deal, not only the Flutter programming technique, but also everything else related to Flutter, including Firebase integration, CI/CD using CodeMagic, and Flutter flavor setup to separate Dev environment and Prod environment.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

talk with presentation slides

Learning Outcome

common mistake new comers usually have when first starting with flutter, and some online reference where to find answers when they're facing difficulty

Target Audience

Flutter lovers, anyone who's interested in Flutter

Prerequisites for Attendees

Should know what Flutter is.

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  • Maksim Lin

    Maksim Lin - Real world Flutter

    30 Mins

    Using Flutter to build a production app, especially from existing Android/iOS app code bases presents an interesting set of challenges beyond what has been mostly covered until now in "getting started" type Flutter talks.

    This talk will cover topics that will be useful when you come to build your first production flutter app, learnt recently from building such a app. Attendees will get not just a summary of the topics involved, but a number of practical tips and techniques that they can apply immediately in their own Flutter app development projects.

    While Flutter is cross-platform, the fous of the talk when it comes to mobile platform specifics will be on Android.

    topics that will be covered includes:
    * integrating with existing app screens using Android Intents
    * using Opengl and C++ libraries
    * using native services not covered by existing plugins (eg. classic BT, not BLE)
    * shipping assets, custom fonts, SVG's, etc
    * custom widgets and fixing other peoples widgets (eg. img crossfade, sliding-up-panel)
    * real world state management with Provider, Blocs and Viewmodels
    * Bloc navigation: using navigator with Streams
    * good practises for code (eg. enable strong mode for analyzer, especially: implicit-dynamic: false)
    * CI/CD on Codemagic, deploying to Google Play
    * testing strategies (eg. handling async testing)
    * making good use of debugging and inspection tools
    * integrating crashlytics

  • Brett Morgan

    Brett Morgan - Flutter Everywhere

    30 Mins

    Flutter is a UI Toolkit by Google focused on empowering developers to build building beautiful, natively compiled applications quickly. Up until now, Flutter has focused on iOS and Android development, but is in the process of expanding its applicability, and empowering developers to make reactive user interfaces everywhere from Mobile, to the Web and Desktop. In this talk we will review, live coding style, all the places you can use Flutter.


    LEA TRUC - React Native Vs Flutter - The beginner’s Perspective

    Women Meet Tech
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    Sold Out!
    30 Mins

    There is so much information out there and it can be confusing and overwhelming especially for someone who is just starting out. I hope this sharing can be a helpful reference for beginners (junior dev, students, PMs, designers, startup founders etc.) who are interested in Flutter and mobile development in general.