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This talk aims to help you, the developer, start with machine learning as quickly as possible.

Go from zero to hero, and get an understanding of how deep learning neural networks work, build and train your own DNN in TensorFlow and deploy it in production using TensorFlow Lite.

The talk will utilise a blend of high-level theory and (hopefully working) live demos that aim to demystify Machine Learning and work as a primer for further exploration.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Introduction to neural networks and how they work on a high level. (it's not as complex as you thought).
  • Tools of the trade and how to set up your development environment.
  • Demo - How to train your own deep neural network with TensorFlow 2.0.
  • Demo - Ship it! Deploy your model to production with TensorFlow Lite.
  • Conclusions and next steps.
  • Q&A.

Learning Outcome

At the end of this talk, attendees will gain get a fundamental understanding of deep neural networks, how to create them and use them on a mobile device.

Target Audience

Developers of all levels of experience that are new to AI and ML and would like a quick intro on how to get started.

Prerequisites for Attendees

No previous knowledge is required.

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  • Naren Shanbhag

    Naren Shanbhag - Building amazing (software) product experiences

    30 Mins

    Around 10 years ago, the "App" revolution made it easy for consumers to access a wide range of product experiences and created a new paradigm in design practice. Over time, the overall user experiences when interacting with products have improved steadily. Present day applications no longer have the luxury of providing anything less than an amazing product experience, if they wish to retain consumer mindshare.

    This talk aims to run through instances of well designed user experiences and moments that provide customer delight, along with providing pro tips on how to design amazing product experiences.

  • Andrew Murphy

    Andrew Murphy - EQ for your IQ - Experiments in Testing and Teaching Emotional Intelligence

    30 Mins

    "Soft skills" is a terrible name, isn't it? There are all sorts of challenges in leadership that one would typically class as "soft skills" but are most definitely hard. Letting someone go, for example.

    I prefer "Emotional Intelligence" or "EQ", to counter-balance your IQ.

    For the past 2 years I've been teaching EQ to Software Developers and I will layout the model I use to train it ... and the concepts I use to convince the more technically minded individuals that it's important.

    Oh, and we will also test your own individual EQ.

  • Chris Banes

    Chris Banes - Android Theming with Style

    Chris Banes
    Chris Banes
    Android Engineer
    schedule 3 years ago
    Sold Out!
    30 Mins

    The Android Theming system is powerful but easy to misuse. Proper use of it can make themes and styles easier to maintain, make branding updates less scary and make it straightforward to support dark modes.

    This talk will start with a crash course in themes and styles. We’ll cover the platform, AppCompat and MaterialComponents functionality that you should know about and build upon. We’ll look at how to support both light and dark modes without going crazy. We’ll show how and when to create your own theme attributes, how to tint drawables, how to theme sub-sections of your screen and how to isolate your theme dependant resources to make them maintainable.