WinOps: A DevOps tool roundup for Windows

Windows and Linux are very different; not just technologically, but philosophically. Tools are a major component to establishing DevOps, and the lack of Windows-centric tools limited early Windows DevOps adoptions as most initial supporting technologies emerged from Linux and open-source communities. WinOps strives to address the same challenges as DevOps, using different tools with a Windows approach.

This talk will be tool-focused, and give an overview of the major tools used in Windows DevOps environments.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Review challenge of Linux tools on Windows 
  2. Present various tools, both built-for and adapted-to Windows
  3. Discuss an evaluation approach for reviewing tools in an organization

Learning Outcome

An overview of popular DevOps tools on Windows, as well as how to evaluate these tools for your organization.

Target Audience

Windows Engineers

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  • Jim Borden

    Jim Borden - Progetによって.NETライブラリーのCIとビルド管理

    20 Mins
    Lightning Talk


    If your team is too small, it can lead to time loss for build and testing . With Proget, you can set up several feeds and offer Nuget package builds both inside and outside the company.  Using this, it is easy to determine what is happening with every build.  Furthermore, if you test with the actual Nuget package, you can release it as-is to  At Couchbase, I use this process to release a developer build every other week.  Let's learn some ways to use Proget effectively!