Case Study: Using terraform and packer to deploy go applications to AWS

location_city Tokyo schedule Apr 25th 03:30 - 03:50 PM JST place Room 2 people 12 Interested

This talk describes some of the challenges faced by platform teams transitioning from traditional operations tools and practices to a PaaS model for infrastructure and application management. ASICS Corporation's transition toward a PaaS model is introduced to provide context for a real-world case study of how terraform and packer are being used and interim platform management tools on the way to a full-blown PaaS.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  • Problem context – road to PaaS
    • ASICS starting point: bare metal servers in CoLo facility
    • target end state: PaaS
    • Steps to get from bare metal to PaaS
  • Case study – deploy and manage golang application in AWS
    • terraform: Infrastructure as Code
    • golang application: Cloud native app
    • packer: CI deployment tool 


Learning Outcome

  • insight into how large corporations are approaching platform operations problems
  • understanding of basic AWS network and security architecture considerations
  • basic familiarity with features of terraform and packer and their platform automation capabilities

Target Audience

Platform Architects, SRE's, DevOps engineers


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