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DevOpsDays Tokyo 2017 Day 1

Tue, Apr 25
Timezone: Asia/Tokyo (JST)
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    Adam Jacob

    Adam Jacob - The Future of DevOps (DevOpsの未来)

    schedule  10:30 - 11:30 AM JST place Grand Ball Room people 33 Interested star_halfRate

    Adam Jacob氏は、Chef(旧名:Opscode)の創業者の一人で、2008年より同社のCTOに就任。開発責任者として、オープンソースのChef, Habitat, Inspecに加え、Chefの主力製品Chef Automateの開発を行い、体系的なDevOpsフレームワークを世に打ち出した功績が評価されている。また、広くIT業界でDevOpsの普及に貢献し、技術面のみならず、精神面、企業文化面からも非常にわかりやすくDevOpsの魅力を解説するプレゼンテーションには定評がある。

    Adam Jacob is the co-founder of Chef (formerly Opscode), and has been the CTO since 2008. He has since been the core designer and developer for the open source Chef, Habitat and Inspect, plus the commercial product, Chef Automate, which is one of the only products in the DevOps market that takes form of a framework. He also is known widely in the industry as one of the most enthusiastic speakers on DevOps as not only technology, but as of its culture and even spiritual aspects.

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    Tomoharu Nagasawa

    Tomoharu Nagasawa - あなたが欲しいのはDevOpsですか?それともビジネスの成功ですか?

    schedule  11:30 AM - 12:30 PM JST place Grand Ball Room people 36 Interested star_halfRate


    DevOps Day Tokyo の開催も、Developers Summit Summer での基調講演も、2013年の出来事でした。その後、DevOpsと呼ぶかは別として機敏な企業で実践され、書き下ろしの書籍や翻訳書も増えてきました。


    このセッションでは、エバンジェリストとして ITの現場の苦悩と、ビジネスの現場の期待を背負ったDevOpsについて見てきた経験から、できるだけビジネスの視点でDevOpsに取り組むにあたって持つべき指針や姿勢について俯瞰して見ていきたいと思います。


    Lunch - 60 mins

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    Tsuyoshi Ushio

    Tsuyoshi Ushio - Value Stream Mapping で決めるリードタイム削減の魔法

    schedule  01:30 - 02:15 PM JST place Grand Ball Room 1 people 23 Interested star_halfRate

    DevOps を始める最初のステップとして、大変有効なValue Stream Mappingの具体的な進め方について解説いたします。Value Stream Mappingによって、皆さんのプロジェクトの無駄や、自動化可能箇所を発見、共有することができ、リードタイムの削減に大変貢献いたします。特に日本で必要なステップやステークホルダの巻き込み方、ファシリテートの仕方まで踏み込んで解説いたします。

     講演者は、Value Stream Mapping を多数実施した経験そして、第一人者のMary Poppendieck との共演で学んだこと、他国の動向も含めて楽しく解説していきたいと思います。


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    Alex Papadimoulis

    Alex Papadimoulis - DevOps for Japan

    schedule  01:30 - 02:15 PM JST place Room 2 people 15 Interested star_halfRate

    DevOps represents a simple idea: increase collaboration across teams while automating processes. Although the concept is relatively new to Japan, American IT organizations have been trying to implement DevOps in recent years: many have found success, while others have seen failure.

    One of main causes of failure is adopting the wrong culture. Although companies like Netflix and Etsy dominate the DevOps conversation, most enterprises do not have the same problems to solve, nor do they employee the same types of engineers. Thus simply, attempting to emulate Netflix will often yield failure.

    It’s similar in Japan; the culture of Japanese IT organizations are quite different from western companies, and attempting to emulate western DevOps practices will often result in failure and other setbacks.  Thus, in order to be successful with adopting DevOps practices, those practices must first be adapted for Japan.

    In this talk, I’ll compare and contrast the unique cultural differences in Japanese IT organizations and discuss how you can adopt DevOps practices that specifically address those.

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    Zach Brown

    Zach Brown - Cloud Foundry: Putting the Dev back in Devops

    schedule  03:55 - 04:15 PM JST place Room 2 people 16 Interested star_halfRate

    As a developer we used to get to spend our days writing code that solves business problems.  Since the Devops revolution we now spend our days doing things like: building docker containers, ssh'ing into linux VMs, and troubleshooting Chef recipes.  What happened to those good old days when you could focus on delivering features?

    Cloud Foundry lets developers stay focused on their code.  On delivering business value through software innovation.

    In this talk I'll share a little bit about Cloud Foundry but mostly I'll show how it works to make developers lives awesome again.

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    Jim Borden

    Jim Borden - Progetによって.NETライブラリーのCIとビルド管理

    schedule  04:55 - 05:15 PM JST place Room 2 people 12 Interested star_halfRate


    If your team is too small, it can lead to time loss for build and testing . With Proget, you can set up several feeds and offer Nuget package builds both inside and outside the company.  Using this, it is easy to determine what is happening with every build.  Furthermore, if you test with the actual Nuget package, you can release it as-is to  At Couchbase, I use this process to release a developer build every other week.  Let's learn some ways to use Proget effectively!

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    Arda Karaduman

    Arda Karaduman - Introduction to Iron Functions with

    schedule  05:55 - 06:00 PM JST place Room 2 people 10 Interested star_halfRate

    Built with a microservices architecture and utilizing Docker containers, has transformed the way job processing is built and deployed. Architects and developers benefit from the microservices approach that separates components into discrete functional elements or individual services. This model reduces complexity, while increasing scalability. Smaller, more granular compute services which can be developed and deployed independently are easier to maintain, repair, and update. is language agnostic for greater flexibility when developing and deploys on any cloud or hybrid for flexibility and control of enterprise applications. When managed or hosted services are included, developers have a true serverless experience.

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    Kakeru Iikubo

    Kakeru Iikubo - DevOps実現のための人材育成(日本語、英語対応可)

    schedule  06:05 - 06:10 PM JST place Room 2 people 14 Interested star_halfRate

    DevOpsの成功事例を集め、言葉や概念を統一し、その知識と能力を育成し評価するスキーム構築を目指し、非営利組織DASA(DevOps Agile Skills Association)が提唱する資格および認定研修をを紹介します。


    研修は、DevOpsの原則を組織に定着させ、顧客に高品質な成果をいち早く効率的に提供の出発点です。改善されたワークフローと速い展開はアジャイルやDevOpsに関与して誰でもDevOpsの基本的な概念の基礎を理解することから始まります。 3日間のコースではDASAによって定義された本質的な知識や技能をカバーするDevOpsの原則導入方法を学びます。本コースは、DevOpsの用語、原則、およびプラクティスを理解するために設計されています。教材の各モジュールにある重要なDevOpsの概念と用語、実例による演習や例、およびグループ演習を元に、DevOpsの基本を学習します。