For high-performing teams you need to nurture and grow your people

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DevOps is not just about technology, processes and practices. It's also about creating an organisation, where teams are empowered to enable them to deliver results early and continuously.

You can have frequent releases, use Jenkins for CI and still have a miserable culture. DevOps is of course about speed, rapid delivery and reliability - and additionally to that it's also about collaboration and culture. My talk focuses on creating and managing high-performing teams. Through a presentation of research and own experience I am providing an insight why do we need to create and manage teams based on

  • “soft skills”,
  • purpose,
  • nurturing and
  • strengths of the individuals.

Outline/Structure of the Talk

45 minutes of mixed lecture style presentation.

  1. DevOps is more than just technology and processes. It's also collaboration and culture.
  2. Building a new team
    1. The problem with recruitment focusing on technical skills (knowledge of specific tools)
    2. Shift focus to “soft” skills (e.g. critical thinking, desire to learn) and team diversity
  3. Purpose
    1. Why a clear purpose will help the team to get better results (e.g. Results of the Google Aristotle project, importance of meaningful goals)
  4. Team nurturing
    1. How team-building exercise can suck and when are they good
    2. Other anti-patterns, e.g. why is it bad to build a "devops" team
    3. Creating a supportive environment, where teams will naturally bond
  5. Strengths and weaknesses
    1. focusing on how our current performance management and feedback mechanism is focusing on improving weaknesses rather than building on strengths
    2. Introducing a few techniques that can help the audience to identify their strengths (e.g. Gallup Strengthfinder, ViaCharacter, Sparkling Moments, Appreciative Inquiry)

Learning Outcome

To understand why

  • building on strength is more important than improving weaknesses,
  • even in DevOps, "soft skills" and diversity is just as important as technical skills,
  • it's crucial to understand how the people's work matter.

Target Audience

Managers, project managers and anyone who works with people

Prerequisites for Attendees

Nothing really.

My slides are not the final one, would change it to suit more for DevOps.

I speak basic Japanese (JLPT N5), but I present in English :-).



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