Applying DevOps to an organisation: a tough but successful journey

location_city Tokyo schedule Apr 24th 02:30 - 03:15 PM JST place English (Room 1) people 4 Interested

Jan de Vries will share his experiences that he gained during the roll-out of DevOps in a large insurance company. During his presentation, the following topics will be covered:
- What were the reasons to start experimenting with DevOps? Or did we already start and didn't we realise?
- which obstacles occurred? And where they mostly technical or organisational?
- which discussions were necessary with management? And why did we re-scope several times?
- how did the organization become convinced of the benefits of DevOps? And who tends to benefits from what?
- what slowed down the implementation and how did we accelerate again? And what is the relationship with job security and common goals?
- which widely applicable lessons can be drawn from this example? And how do these relate to the Cuckoo Effect, Antifragility, the 4 colour backlog, liminality, the difference between Leading and Lagging indicators and Agile Leadership?


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This presentation shows the journey from the initial challenges that the organisation faced through an increasing degree of DevOps maturity towards the current end state.

Learning Outcome

Attendees will realise what it takes to start with DevOps and deploy it successfully.

Target Audience

Engineers and managers who like to learn from the real-life struggles that will occur when - initially - part of an organisation realises that DevOps would be something to consider

Prerequisites for Attendees

General IT knowledge should be sufficient


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