Trailblazing DevOps and #LifeOps with Heroku

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Recruiting top talent is getting harder, and between firefighting, you have no time to learn new skills. Sometimes you forget that there is a world away from the toil.

The good news is that there is a better way — and it will make your life better. Be a trailblazer; a trailblazer for DevOps, your career, and yourself. Find the inner disruptor in both yourself and in your wider team, and start the process of changing how your company does things.

You can find quick wins, and we will tell you how Heroku can help you. Where you may need vendors and HR, you can reduce your dependence by integrating some of our tools and best practices into your tool kit.

Through it all, we will emphasize the benefit and importance of investing in yourself. You are going to find out what LifeOps is and how you are going to benefit both yourself and your employer by working less and learning more. After all — you can't be a trailblazer if you don't try to shake things up.


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Learning Outcome

Understand the underlying talents that DevOps require, how that improves your career prospects, and how to harness them with LifeOps

Heroku isn't just "git push heroku master"; discover products we offer at Heroku to simplify DevOps, such as Docker, Pipelines, CI, Databases and ChatOps

Find out more about our drop-in add-ons that improve your logging and system monitoring

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