Why Serverless + DevOps Is a Perfect Fit

Serverless is one of the fastest growing technologies on the market. Devs love it as it enables them to move much faster, but Ops tend to be suspicious towards it as it entails “loss of control” over your infrastructure. When making the DevOps transformation, these worlds seem to collide. But serverless is actually a great fit with the DevOps culture, and it can even help you make the transformation.
I am a developer who is highly experienced with serverless technologies. I want to help teams get started with it, and reduce the barriers to entry.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

In the session I will cover:

  • Introduction to serverless computing.

  • How the serverless shared-responsibility model fits right in with the CALMS DevOps approach, which is why serverless is an amazing tool to have when making the DevOps transformation.

    • Serverless benefits from a DevOps point of view.

  • Getting started with serverless:

    • Serverless native - what a completely serverless application looks like, and what new challenges it poses

    • Integrating serverless into an existing application, using the DevOps experimentation and measurement process.

  • Intro to tooling that exists in the serverless ecosystem.

Learning Outcome

In this session you will learn:

  • What are serverless technologies and what a serverless architecture might look like.

  • How to get started with serverless the DevOps way: via experimentation.

  • How you can integrate the use of serverless technologies with your existing application.

  • Tooling that will help you get started on your serverless journey.

Target Audience

Devs and Ops, who want to get started with serverless technologies. Also PMs, and entrepreneurs.

Prerequisites for Attendees

This session has no real prerequisites, but familiarity with the following concepts might help:

  • Cloud and infrastructure as a service

  • AWS Services - most of my examples are going to be with AWS (since it is the cloud provider I use) - but this requirement is not a strict one, and people will still get a lot out of the session even if they are not so familiar with AWS

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  • Tomohiro Furusawa

    Tomohiro Furusawa - データサイエンティストが取り組むDevOps 〜負債の溜まりやすい機械学習システムと戦うために〜

    Tomohiro Furusawa
    Tomohiro Furusawa
    Mercari, Inc.
    schedule 2 years ago
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    45 Mins

    これから社内で機械学習を利用したシステムを構築していく予定はありますか? もしくはいつの間にか大量の技術的負債が溜まってしまった止められない機械学習システムの運用をしていく予定はありますか?




    • データサイエンティストが開発・運用を行うことによる不
    • 機械学習システムの技術的負債の解消事例
    • 開発フェーズの区分と各フェーズで意識すべきこと
    • 関わる人が苦しまないシステムをデザインするために必要なこと