Occasionally we behave like monkeys. We imitate others, we "talk the talk" - even if we don't really understand the topic. We pretend to do DevOps, but we are not really. We use nice words like "continuous integration" and "value streams", but we don't really understand what our team is working on.

In this funny, but insightful lightning talk I present 5 behavior anti-patterns that I observed in my work at Agile and DevOps transformations. As these are my personal observations, I introduce these anti-patterns with the help of personification instead of scientific explanation (using the analogy of "monkeys").

Fortunately, there is always a way to get better and I present the techniques I found the most useful to improve the working relationship with the "monkeys" (whether it was someone else or me, who behaved like a monkey).


Outline/Structure of the Lightning Talk

5 minute lightning talk introducing 5 behavioral anti-pattern

Learning Outcome

Identifying behavioral anti-patterns and work better with them

Target Audience



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  • Gene Kim

    Gene Kim - Lessons Learned Since The Phoenix Project

    Gene Kim
    Gene Kim
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    60 Mins

    I’ve learned so much since The Phoenix Project came out in 2013. In this talk, I will share my top learnings while co-authoring The DevOps Handbook with Jez Humble, Patrick Debois, and John Willis and the recently-released Accelerate with Dr. Nicole Forsgren and Jez Humble. I’ll talk about the latest findings from the State of DevOps Report, the true importance of deployment lead times, how DevOps truly transforms the lives of Dev and Ops, what I learned about Conway’s Law, and how DevOps is a subset of dynamic learning organizations, of which Toyota is the most famous. This project was one of the most fun and rewarding adventures of my life, and I want to share some of my biggest a-ha moments!