The Amazon Effect and what that means to DevOps and Open Source

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In March, we have seen a growing thread of articles regarding the recent announcement of AWS Open Distro of Elasticsearch. While there are articles praising it as a logical approach, many raise concerns that it is a disturbing move for the open source world as a whole.
Forking out an open source is not new, and it has delivered positive results for many, such as Jenkins and MariaDB. Although it has also been triggered from a pure business strategy, such as Oracle Enterprise Linux.

I have collected the variety of opinions on this recent AWS move, in attempt to illustrate what that potentially means for the DevOps community, which is largely an open source oriented market.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


Learning Outcome

Facts around the recent activities and announcements on Open Source.

Target Audience

Anybody who is interested in Open Source

Prerequisites for Attendees

Nothiing in particular, but it would help to have an understanding of the role open source plays in the DevOps market

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