recheck and the Sorcerer's Stone: Turning Selenium into Adamantium

Ever had that: after a simple change, suddenly 50+ tests are failing! Brittle tests that hinge on GUI specifics and result in the dreaded NoSuchElementException are a main headache when testing with Selenium.

The open source project recheck offers a simple and elegant solution. Not only is a virtual identifier unaffected by UI changes, you can define it for otherwise hard to specify elements, i.e. that would require complex xpath or CSS selector expressions. And on top of that, tests are easier to create and maintain and yet much more complete in what they check. This talk gives a practical introduction to the underlying approach and the tool, complete with a life coding session.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote


Talk incl. Live-Coding-Session


Learning Outcome

- Use virtual identifiers that are constant and easy to define

- Easily create and maintain tests

- Check much more complete

Target Audience

Developer, DevOps, Tester, Decision Maker

Prerequisites for Attendees

Previous knowledge of Java and selenium is an advantage!


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