REST is definitely the main software architecture style followed when it comes to application-to-application communication. If you have already worked on any web application  you certainly had to either develop and provide an API or consume some service from third parties. Moreover decoupled architectures such as microservices have gained a lot of traction in the past years which just reinforces the importance of REST in the present days. 

No matter how big your application is, one thing that you should do is to ensure that your RESTful endpoints are always online and being continuously tested, specially because in some cases we are providing services to other parties that cannot be disrupted by outages or malfunction. Furthermore, the earlier you identify issues caused by code changes the easier is to have it fixed without having serious consequences.

There are no excuses for not automating your RESTful API tests anymore! No matter if you are a beginner or advanced user, during this hands-on workshop you will be able to follow a few steps and get your RESTful API test automated in 60 minutes, using Postman, Newman and Jenkins.



Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Overview
    • What is Rest API test 
    • Why automating?
  •  Postman
    • Installation
    • Creating a HTTP request
    • Collection variables
    • Environment variables
    • Testing an api response
  • Newman
    • Installation
    • Running Postman collections using command-line tool
    • Generating test reports
  • Jenkins
    • Installation
    • Integrating Jenkins with Newman
    • Generating test reports using Jenkins
  • Wrap-up and next steps

Learning Outcome

In this session you will learn:

  • How to use Postman to automate API tests
  • How to execute test cases using Newman (command-line tool)
  • How to integrate test execution into your Jenkins Pipeline

Target Audience

Anyone interested on getting RESTful API tests automated: Software Engineers, Software Architects, Testers, etc.

Prerequisites for Attendees

In case you want to follow the steps during the presentation (hands-on) you will need:

  • A computer with:
    • Internet connection
    • A RESTful API which you want to test
    • Docker installed
    • node v15.4.0 or above installed

Otherwise feel free to join us and just watch and enjoy!

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