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We migrated our batches to containers for fear that the physical servers would stop working. Although the migration took more than a year, it made the deployment of batches easier and it has a better ROI compared to migrating in VMs.

Join us on our long journey to containers.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Our journey to containers

  • Containers instead of VMs
  • Many teams involved
  • Legacy but in production
  • Painful release processes
  • Migrating to new database

What we did to improve

  • Weekly status sharing meetings
  • Using Jenkins to speed up our build and deployment
  • Thorough testing
  • Kaizen culture

What we gained 

  • Fast and fewer releases of our batches
  • Easy adoption of Kaizen culture
  • Good ROI


Learning Outcome

  • Containerizing batches can be cost saving,
  • It can also allow the adoption continuous improvement or Kaizen culture. 

Target Audience

DevOps, backend developers.

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