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その課題を解決するために、GitHub Actionsを使ってGitOpsを導入することにより、プルリクエストベースで安全なリリースが行えることに成功しました。


  • GitHub Actionsを使ったTerraformの実行環境の仕組み
  • Kubernetesのリソース管理をどのようなGitHub Actionsを組み合わせてGitOps化したか
  • IaCを行う上でのブランチ戦略の考慮ポイント




Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • サービスの紹介
  • ラクマSREチームについて
  • GitHub Actionsを使ったTerraformの実行環境の仕組み
  • Kubernetesのリソース管理をどのようなGitHub Actionsを組み合わせてGitOps化したか
  • IaCを行う上でのブランチ戦略の考慮ポイント



Learning Outcome



Target Audience

SRE, DevOps エンジニア

Prerequisites for Attendees



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  • クリス Chris Lucian

    クリス Chris Lucian - Mob DevOps & Mob Programming

    45 Mins

    Currently in our environment of 27 developers we have no manual tests for the software to deploy to production. We practice continuous integration, and continuous delivery. All infrastructure is written as code. Bugs and defects are top priority with no bugs most of the time. Team members treat each other with psychological safety. We have a 2-hour value stream for our cloud based IOT product. This means a customer can receive changes to the software within 2 hours of the start of the feature.


    How did we get to this point? By working collaboratively and practicing Mob DevOps and Mob Programming! In this session we will review the status of the team and how you can iterate toward a similar environment.

  • Hitesh Mandloi

    Hitesh Mandloi - Agile process improvements with Quality Control circle (QCC) and DevOps Automations

    20 Mins

    As team grows together with services, multiple challenges appear during team's daily operation, ranging from the number of critical and blocker issue reported by QA to adaptation of (and to) agile processes.

    Here we will share about Quality control, QA-automation, CI-CD activities done in our team.


    Problems :

    As a part of global team, Have you faced issues like below?

    - Not able to complete stories in sprint?

    - Members are not taking part actively in story planning, grooming?

    - Complexity to manage tasks / time in global team?

    - Regression testing takes man hour and time?

    - Afraid to do operations on production?

    - So many manual work, having mistakes frequently?

    - Facing infrastructure / server issues?


    Strategies :

    We have implemented some activities inside Rakuten group to overcome these issues.

    Here, You may learn

    - Develop, test, deploy planned stories to staging within sprint scope.

    - Planning with separate ticket for each single tasks

    - Grooming with poker game

    - Changing strategy of retrospective and action plan

    - FDD and QA automation with non-stop releases of Micro-services

    - Automations for repetitive / manual work

    - CI pipelines with Jenkins Shared Libraries, containers & deployment on K8s etc.


    Please join this session If you are interested in automations and improving agile processes.

  • Masato Wakahara

    Masato Wakahara / Ryusuke Tanaka - 決済戦国時代において、早く安全なシステムを提供するために with Azure

    45 Mins