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Were you mad when you first realized that sudo doesn’t work on humans? Getting someone to understand us and to follow our suggestions take a lot of effort. And sometimes we struggle understanding others and make sense of what they want. Why can’t they say what they want openly? Why can’t they understand what I am saying?

It’s because we are human, and we talk in different ways. In this session we will talk about 7 different conversation styles all humans use. We will discuss how each style can be used to create harmony and mutual understanding. We will focus on biases in coaching scenarios, and cover other factors that impede with open, strong connections to our colleagues, mentees and customers. We will share field-tested tips and tricks that will help you keep focus on understanding and not jumping to conclusions during interviews, coaching sessions or tough management conversations.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • 0-3 Mins: Intro
  • 3-8 Mins: Conversation styles
  • 8-12 Mins: Importance of unbiased listening in empathetic conversations
  • 12-16 Mins: Switching conversation styles in coaching, hierarchies and at home
  • 16-18 Mins: Awareness about what conversation style we are using
  • 18-20 Mins: Wrap up

I am also comfortable with changing the format to a longer talk or to a workshop.

Learning Outcome

Participants will learn about 7 conversational styles that we use throughout our daily lives: Leisure, Theatrical, Interrogative, Evaluative, Therapeutic, Persuasive, and Empathetic. I will demonstrate the advantages of empathetic conversation in coaching scenarios. I cover what kinds of biases arise in coach-coachee conversations. I share examples and personal tips on how these biases can be noticed and lessened with practice.

Beginners from all backgrounds will get an overview of different conversation styles and recognize our human biases in listening and understanding other people.

Target Audience

Anyone who is in a managerial position, in a coach position, or needs to work closely with other people to first understand their needs.

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisite information is required.

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