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This talk is designed for developers of all levels who are new to the Kubernetes ecosystem, or who want to better understand how to solve various security concerns when developing applications in Kubernetes. It covers the key security issues they may face and provides practical tips and best practices for addressing these challenges using open-source tools. Nic will take a real-life example of an application developed for Kubernetes and take you through missteps made along the way and how they can be easily solved. In particular, he will cover the areas of application configuration and deployment, sensitive information management, access control, policy-as-code, SBOM and more. It can be difficult to navigate the rich Kubernetes ecosystem as a developer. Hopefully, by the end of this talk, you'll have a practical example to remember and a good overview of the ecosystem.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

When developing applications in Kubernetes, the vast majority of newcomer devs just wrap Dockerfiles into helm charts or Kustomization objects. However, there are a lot of security aspects they need to be aware of when starting their journey. The beauty of Kubernetes is that it's practicing what it preaches. There are simple Kubernetes-native tools they can use to make their application more secure in Kubernetes, especially when working as a team. 

Learning Outcome

In this talk, we want to help them make sense of the current ecosystem tools so they can get quick wins without too much burden, yet provide great security improvements. We will cover the following areas: - application configuration - SBOM - service dependencies - access control - secure communication - persistent data - policy-as-code

Target Audience

Developers, DevOps Practitioners, Platform engineers

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