Experience of building Agile Center of Excellence (CoE) for organization-wide Agile maturity

When any organization plans to move to Agile methodology, it needs to plan multiple initiatives for successful transition. One of the important initiative would be building an Agile Center of Excellence, a team which would support for consistency of Agile implementation across the organization. The Agile CoE we built worked on multiple aspects such as:

  • Defining organization-wide Agile methodology, tailoring it as per organization environment if required
  • Build knowledge of Agile across the organization
  • Supporting the team members with any ongoing queries
  • Support in building required Tools and Templates required implementing Agile
  • Assessing Agile implementation of different projects, identifying any gaps or improvement areas

This session would cover practical experience of how we built a successful Center of Excellence, which become a big enabler for successful Agile transformation.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

  • What is Agile Center of Excellence
  • What could be the charter for Agile CoE?
  • What are the areas that can be handled by CoE?
  • Experience of building a successful CoE
  • What worked / What did not work?
  • Guidelines for building a successful CoE

Learning Outcome

  • How to develop Agile Center of Excellence in any organization, to support organization-wide Agile transformation initiative
  • The success criteria for CoE
  • Benefits for building Agile CoE

Target Audience

Anyone interested in strengthening Agile environment in their organization



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