Impediments: A silent killer of agile teams

Impediments are one of the major hurdles for successful agile adoption and implementation, and more so when scaling to multiple agile teams. While everyone acknowledge that impediments should be raised and resolved in a timely manner, the reality is far from what people say. Time and again, teams have not met their sprint commitments because of improper handling of impediments. It is my experience that organizations and agile teams don't realize the urgency of identifying, highlighting and escalating impediments while they focus a lot on following sprint cadence and other agile practices. Lack of effective management of impediments is one of the silent killers of running successful agile teams.



Outline/Structure of the Talk

In this session, I will briefly cover what impediments are and then focus on:

1. Triggers to identify impediments

2. Process of impediments management

3. Different types of impediments and examples

4. Applying Scrum's Inspect and Adapt technique to manage impediments, especially for scaled scrum models

5. Some tips

Learning Outcome

Audience can look forward to following key takeaways:

1. Why it is hard to recognize impediments?

2. Suggested process for impediment management in a scaling scrum environment

3. Responsibility matrix

4. Escalation path



Target Audience

Scrum masters, Scrum teams members, program managers, product owners


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