Effective "Code-branching" strategies are still one of the most ignored in Agile development world. In this talk, using case-studies, I would like to present what is wrong with traditional strategies, how it hinders teams to deliver continuously and why Trunk Based Development (TBD) is a durable solution. Furthermore, the talk aims to explore various strategies (code/dev and ops) that enable teams to attain TBD. Finally, the tealk ends with successful TBD case-studies of Facebook and Google.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Start with case studies of "smelly" commonly used branching patterns [10 mins]
2. What is Trunk Based Development (TBD) and its importance in CD [5 mins]
3. TBD strategy - Feature Toggle [5 mins]
4. TBD strategy - Branch by Abstraction [10 mins]
5. FaceBook case study [5 mins]
6. Google Case study [5 mins]
7. Wrap-up and Q&A [5 mins]

Learning Outcome

1. What is Trunk Based Development (TBD)
2. finding motivation to favour TBD, if you want to deliver continuously.
3. Various strategies to support TBD - feature toggles and branch by abstraction
4. Learning from case-studies of branching strategies in Facebook and Google
5. Scaled Trunk Based Development

Target Audience

Coaches, Developers, Architects, Techno-functional Managers

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