This fun group game is a simulation of Kanban methodology in the software delivery cycle. It shrinks the complete delivery cycle in this short game giving a real essence of how Kanban works.

The WIP limits in the kanban game, just as in real kanban, prevent work from being pushed to the next step and encourages the team to focus on the bottleneck before progressing.

It uniquely demonstrates the dependencies in the operations, or time constraints and deadlines.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Each team will comprise of 4 members representing each role.

Each will go through a iteration cycle and put up their learning which are mapped against Kanban principle.

The learnings from each simulated iteration will help modify the next iteration.

Learning Outcome

Apart from a fun collaborative game, This game helps understand the Kanban methodology.

It illustrates the key principle of Kanban game.

It also focuses on how a team can help remove bottlenecks and build new skills over time by frequent interaction between those performing neighboring activities.

Target Audience

Agile Delivery team - QA, BA, Devs, PM

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