Consider an agile utopia executing scrum for software development. How would you feel if your biggest strength of receiving early feedback from your end-users turns out to be your Achilles heel? Recently I faced this dilemma where my end-users unfortunately were a group of introvert individuals. This led to Monger project’s MVP almost declared as a failure since it did not fulfill the end-user’s requirements. 

Many a times, projects transform their delivery mechanism from traditional models to agile with a myth that agile is a recipe for success. In reality many projects fail since agile is not well understood by the teams. A few times (like in this case) the agile process falters not due to incorrect implementation but due to incorrect participants responsible to execute a part of the process.

Experience with me what happens when your end-users falter your feedback loop just because of the nature of individuals. If you’ve ever been a part of a group (or may be in the future) where your end-users are introverts, learn from this experience report how we overcame this problem on the Monger project by strengthening our anemic reviews. At the same time, if you as a participant have been there and done that, I would love to hear about it. 


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

  • A flashback of the Monger project
  • The root-cause analysis
  • The astonishing observations
  • The solution that fixed the loophole
  • Open discussion to share more ideas

Learning Outcome

  • Retrospect if you've been in a similar situation
  • Suggestions to improve the user feedback loop on projects
  • Share your experience if you did things differently

Target Audience

Anyone who has faced (or may face in the future) a group of introvert end-users who shy away from providing valuable feedback, only to complain post production.



schedule Submitted 6 years ago