Exultant Appraisal "Appraisal in Scrum team : The Self-Appraising Team"

However exhaustive and meticulous your current employee appraisal process is, chances are you aren't pleased with the outcome. The primary objective of a performance appraisal is performance improvement, starting with the individual and rolling up to the organizational level. But an individual who doesn't fare well in an appraisal feels demotivated, defeating the purpose of the exercise.

Agile owes its success and failure to its team.

A lot been discussed on different agile groups related to performing the appraisal of team members when success / failure belongs to team.

This is an Attempt to provide solution to appraising scrum team members remaining in agile framework and philosophy.

We would be discussing The Challenges of current appraising process along with the Challenges brought up with adopting agile process.

To address these challenges we would be sharing 'The proposed solution' and it's alignment with agile philosophy.



Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Introduction of Problem
  2. Challenges in current process
  3. How to Develop Performing Team
  4. Appraisal Challenges in Agile
  5. Proposed Solution
  6. Benefits realized
  7. The Real World Solution
  8. Aligning the solution with Agile Organizations

Learning Outcome

We Strongly believe that Outcome is much more important than Input or Output.

Together with you we will attempt to provide solution to practical  problem of appraising agile team members within the Agile Principles.

Target Audience

Agile Delivery team , Managers

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