Organization's culture is the sum of belief and behaviors of all employees. It is built on values and drives Organizational effectiveness through Competitive advantage. The visible part of cultural iceberg drives us to think what we see and believe in our Organization constitutes the culture. There is also big portion of cultural iceberg that is not visible to the employees that drives the hard reality.

Culture is a soft concept and like strategy it cannot be copied. Is there a way to measure culture? If not, then how do we say whether particular culture is good or bad? As an individual how often do we change our behavior to adapt to a new situation? If changing one’s behavior is tough, then how difficult is to change behavior of big Organization?

Come join me to visualize and understand a world of culture delivered to you in a capsule. You would not only multiply your knowledge but will go home with resonating thoughts that would drive you to do more of cultural transformation at work place!!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

What is culture and what constitutes culture (2 mins)

2. Exploring complete cultural iceberg ( 5 mins)

3. Walkthrough of Geert Hofstede's GLOBE project (National culture dimensions) (2 mins)

4. What are different Corporate cultural dimensions (3 mins)

5. Schneider Cultural Model and Agile (4 mins)

6. Cultural Transformation recommendation (11 mins)

a. Aligning culture, strategy and talent is the key

b. Organization tool for mindset change

c. Create a Movement not a Mandate (Different case studies discussed here)

d. Focus on Employee Engagement

7. Vwork - Winning Team's framework (Research based cultural framework) ( 6 mins)

8. Change Models (If time permits)

9. Conclusion

Learning Outcome

  • Why culture is important and its relationship with Organization's vision, mission and value
  • Understanding corporate culture dimensions and its impact on organization's outcome
  • Resonating thoughts on cultural transformation at workplace supported by case studies from different organizations
  • Take a peek at Schneider culture model
  • Finally, take a deep dive in to V-Work, research based Winning Team Framework that fosters cultural change at team level

Target Audience

Open to all

Prerequisites for Attendees

There are no prerequisite as such but an 'Open Mind' would do :)

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