Changing Narrative - From Measuring IT Output To Business Outcomes

As coaches, our focus on any Agile transformation is limited to measuring IT Output (e.g. Velocity, Defects, Lead Time, Cycle Time etc.)

However the real value from Agility an organization can reap benefits are whether Agile has really harvested Business Outcomes or not. In my talk, I will talk about how to move from a focus on IT Output to Business Outcomes

In my talk, I will talk about how to move focus from IT Output to Business Outcomes.

Few important areas, I cover include :

  • What is a Business Outcome?
  • How Business Outcome contributes to Value Realization?
  • Who formulates Business Outcomes?
  • How an Agile Coach facilitate the achievement of Business Outcome
  • Traceability between IT Output- Business Outcome - Value Realization
  • Business Outcomes with examples (NPS, Release frequency etc.)

Outline/Structure of the Talk


  • What is Business Outcome?
  • Value Pipeline - IT Output To Business Outcome to Value Generation
  • Value Realization through RISQ (Revenue, Innovation, Scalable, Quality
  • Questions

Learning Outcome

Participants will be able to

1. Differentiate between IT Output & Business Outcomes

2. Answer to why Business Outcome matters the most

3. How to establish co-relation between IT Output - Business Outcome- Generate Value

Target Audience

Anyone with an Open mind

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic knowledge of Agile


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