Test Driving your Infrastructure

Infra as code has already been a well-established practice in the DevOps community. In this session, we would be exploring how test drives your infrastructure as code. Test first and Test-Driven strategies help in developing modern web infrastructure giving us early feedback. This session would include practical examples that will enable the participants to gain in-depth knowledge of this technique.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Case study - Why test your infrastructure?
  2. What is
    1. Infra as code
    2. Test driving your infrastructure?
  3. Test first vs Double Loop TDD in the context of Infrastructure as code
  4. System test vs Unit tests in the context of Infrastructure as code
  5. An example - Demo driven
  6. Q & A

Learning Outcome

1. Participants will be able to understand and appreciate the concept of test driven infrastructure.

Target Audience

Developers,Scrum Master,QA



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