Agility starts with Healthy Teams!

Why should team health matter the most?

Things that impact team health and well being!

Measure for Success

Healthy Culture

Reference - Management 3.0 - 12 Steps to Happiness


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Why Team health should matter?

Key Inputs for a confident team

Learning Outcome

Understanding of why team health is the most important thing when we talk about agility!

Key aspects of Team Barometer

Target Audience

Agile Enthusiasts, Practitioners and Promoters

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Public Feedback

    • Rajan Julka

      Rajan Julka / Aanchal Nigam - Measure what matters

      45 Mins


      Topic: Measure what matters

      Reference: Book by John Doerr (Board of director Google)

      Part 1

      Problem statement: “Teams today are feature factories with little regard for whether the feature actually solve business problems.” Marty Cagan (Silicon valley product group)

      • Agile as delivery mechanism over delivering outcome
      • Few areas driving agility over end to end agility
      • Output over Outcome focused mindset

      Part 2

      Possible solution: OKR’s (Objective and key results)

      Good idea with great execution is how we create magic.

      Ideas are easy, execution is everything

      • What are OKR’s
      • Benefits of OKR’s
      • How Google uses it
      • Sample OKR’s

      Part 3

      Experiential learning: Engagement increases through these processes, learning accelerates and retention improves. Improved Attitudes toward Learning – The personal nature of experiential learning engages the students' emotions as well as enhancing their knowledge and skills.

      • Write Objectives related to your personal life
      • Write measurable key results
      • Time box them and reflect back

      Time needed: 60 to 90 minutes (Preferable 90 minutes, however could be done in 60 if time does not permit)

      Logistics: Projector for content sharing

      Expected outcomes:

      • Better understanding of OKR’s
      • How to continuously improve by measuring what matters
      • Increasing focus on outcomes over just delivering features