Stop Spilling Over - Ensure Shipable product in Every Sprint

Most of the IT projects which are executed in agile methodology, are always having the problem of "User stories getting spilled over to next sprint", in other words "Commitment is not met" in the sprint. Main reason for this is identified as "Activities which has dependent tasks are backloaded to the latter part of the sprint, e.g. QA work is always backloaded in the sprint due to delay of Grooming, Code development, Developer testing, etc.
This can be managed by having agreed ceremonies, gates in the sprint execution. Ceremonies ensure activities are completed during agreed dates and gates ensure exit and entry criteria are met.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


Problem Statement




Learning Outcome

How to Manage the Spill-overs

How to ensure Sprint Deliverables

Target Audience

IT Agile Project Managers, IT Agile Project Development Teams, Anyone related to IT Agile software development

Prerequisites for Attendees

Knowledge on Agile Scrum Practices

Experience in agile scrum usage in IT Projects

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