The session will start with introducing agile estimation (5 mins), and differentiate it from traditional estimation approach and the same will be demonstrated by an activity (15 mins)


Conflict management is a continuation to the agile estimation technique, sometimes due to conflict also we cannot arrive at a useful estimation. How agile coaches handles conflict management (5 mins), we will do an activity to understand conflict management and its resolution (15 mins)

conclusion and questions (5 mins)


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

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Learning Outcome

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Target Audience

scrum masters, scrum team members and anyone who is interested to learn about managing conflicts and agile estimation

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  • Saikat Das

    Saikat Das - Switch from Sprint Retrospective to Toyota Kata

    45 Mins

    You have been doing agile for a few years now.

    With a regular cadence you have retrospectives and a lot of problems and great improvement opportunities are raised but nothing seems to really improve. Stop doing retrospectives!

    Can we shift form collecting problems and start improving? Create the habits of continuous improvement.

    It can be done is time to start using Toyota Kata!

    Toyota Kata is two behavior patterns, or Kata’s, that is the foundation in Toyota’s continuous improvement work.

  • 45 Mins

    The session will start with introducing agile estimation and conventional method of estimating tasks in projects (15 mins), and we will compare both types of estimation methods (5 mins) this will be followed by an activity (20 Mins) Conclusion and questions (5 mins)


    Total Duration 45 Mins