Agilists - Detect, Protect and Celebrate IP Created During Sprints

In the context of continuous and periodic delivery of same day, monthly and agile incremental delivery in both established and startup contexts there is a possibility of teams missing key elements of protecting their IP. Some simple elements such as making your work public prior to protecting it can cause loss of business. Additionally in short sprints filing IP may not be the most important focus within teams (especially in startups or smaller companies where budgets might also be a constraint). In this session it will demonstrate (a) Some key elements of how to keep IP in mind in Agile sprints (b) Some general best practices of how IP can be used as a bond/glue for teaming (c) Some process changes possible to ensure IP becomes a key element of agile delivery. These is based on experience of over 6 years submitting IP self and also having 6 people having approved IP, 20+ people encouraged to submit and 75+ submissions. (d) As a influencer will provide some best practices to Leaders and Product owners to encourage IP. (e) Additionally IP can be a great occassion for team building and bonding and a retention tool.  Note: The session will be generic and will not cover any specific IP process of any company but a general set of practices via experiences


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

Layout of the session: 

  1. What Is IP and Why needed - from eyes of engineer, lawyers, business in startups and established companies- 5 minutes
  2. How to incorporate IP practices within sprints - conversations in planning,standups and also process tools based on experience, IP detection, creation : 10 minutes
  3. Best practices of people side of IP such as teaming, group formation with some scenarios, celebration and retention of talent via IP detection: 10 minutes
  4. Q&A : 2-4 mins

Learning Outcome

Both startup and established company participants will walk away with an understanding of how IP can be a key factor in agile development and how to encourage it. LEaders will walk away with some tips on how to influence IP creation and how collaborative IP creation can be used as a people management/retention tool.

Target Audience

Engineers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners


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