Good developers who are familiar with the entire stack know how to make life easier for those around them!


Full Stack Development doesn't mean that one has to be super fluent in everything that's there in the software industry. It is about having every person in the team, cross functional and much more than just a pure developer.  A team with few full stack developers will become well balanced and will always perform its best no matter what the situations are! 

In this session. let's focus on understanding why it is important to become full stack developers for every individuals and how it really helps them, their teams and in turn the entire organization as a whole for getting better.  We will have all this presented with our real world experiences and have an open discussion there after!



Outline/Structure of the Talk

Introduction - 1 min

Context Setting - 2 mins

Who is a Full Stack Developer - 3 mins

Theory - 4 mins

Real Life Situations and Discussion - 8 mins

Ways to become full stack developers - 4 mins

Conclusion - 3 mins

Questions & Answers - 5 mins


Learning Outcome

Attendees will walk away understanding the need to have full stack developers and balanced teams. Cross Functional individuals when work together using best practices will perform better and be satisfied at all times.

They will be able to know the differences quickly and be open in accepting this!

Target Audience



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    • Vivek Ganesan

      Vivek Ganesan - Developer 2.0 - Redefine the Role of Developer to achieve Success for All

      Vivek Ganesan
      Vivek Ganesan
      Agile / Devops Coach
      schedule 5 years ago
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      60 Mins

      Gone are the days where developer was responsible for just writing clean code. Traditional definition of developer affects the individual developers more than it affects the organization. The developer tends to concentrate on getting better at just the area of coding and ends up not learning the nuances of building a successful product. As a Developer 2.0, the developer performs all of the following roles. 

      1. Coder 

      2. Devil's advocate 

      3. Code Reviewer 

      A developer can work in multiple stories but cannot do more than one of the above tasks for the same story. For example, the same person cannot be both the coder and Devil's advocate. A team at Gainsight worked with this improved definition of developers and saw higher product velocity, better awareness about product and increased responsiveness to issues. This session will take the audience through the improved definition of the role of developer and present some thought-provoking questions to the audience to make them realize that the traditional definition of role of developer is just not enough.