Agile Retrospective Innovativeness: How to Do Them?

The concept of keeping one eye on the past, but the other firmly set to the future.

To do agile retrospectives it’s important to understand what they are and why you would want to do them. This helps to motivate team members to actively and openly take part in them. Few exercises exist for retrospective facilitators to design and perform a retrospective.

Teams use agile retrospectives to inspect and adapt their way of working. A retrospective is normally held at the end of each iteration, but teams can do it as often as needed. It focuses on the team and the processes used to deliver software. The goal of retrospectives is helping teams to improve their way of working.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

  • What is an Agile Retrospective?

  • Why Do We Do Retrospectives? and 

  • Followed by Few Retrospective Exercises

Learning Outcome

In this session you will get to know effective ways of doing Agile Retrospectives. You will see team improves its way of working through effective retrospective

Target Audience

Anyone who is interested to learn about Agile Retrospective innovative techniques, Scrum team, Agilist

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