Though tech community has by now embraced the Agile methodology, the majority/decision-making stakeholders (who are mostly outside tech boundaries) are yet to accept the Agile philosophy.

Few of the reasons in this context are:      

CXOs still believe that agile is just a bunch of practices rather than values and principles, and hence, fail to question and change processes.

Leadership thought process is more of tactical than strategic nature.

Leadership layer has yet not adopted a value based approach vis-a-vis their overall business philosophy.

Failing to take larger part of organization in confidence vis-a-vis Agile manifestation.

Tendency to go for maximizing/optimizing productivity while staking out other, long-term risks/concerns.

So on and so forth... 


Hence, while an organization may already be executing Agile projects, the long term benefits won't actualize unless a sustained effort is undertaken to remove the cultural roadblocks that are inhibiting Agile adoption process. 

This session will discuss such roadblocks at large, and then, move on to discuss realistic measures that need to be taken to remove/dilute these inhibitors.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Agile adoption / Contrasting tech, procedural and cultural aspects

Cultural Roadblocks in Agile Adoption

Realistic measures to remove/mitigate these roadblocks

Anecdotal success stories (experiential)


Learning Outcome

Audiences takes away "doable"/"best practice" measures to address cultural roadblocks in their org entities!

Target Audience

Anyone with slightest stake in Agile roadmap!

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