So, you’ve been certified as a Scrum Master or have accepted the role.
For some time, you’ve been in the rhythm of facilitating events, ensuring artifacts are in a good state and actively supporting the team.

You’re considered a mentor, a coach, a facilitator and a servant-leader. Yet, you’re now wondering “how do I take it to the next level?”

Beyond the day-to-day Scrum activities, a Scrum Master’s toolkit will contain various facilitation tools, teaching techniques, systemic understanding and exercises. And it will continue to grow and evolve. That’s continuous improvement after all!

In this hands-on workshop, come explore various techniques, qualities and tools that a Scrum Master has in their toolkit to engage their teams in fun and interactive ways. You’ll learn three key elements of each technique to help cultivate camaraderie, provide clarity and increase the collaboration of your teams.

You’ll not only enhance your learning, but also find ways to motivate your teams to improve interactions that lead to self-organization and the enthusiasm to take themselves to the next level.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

0-5 mins: Introduction & the need for versatility in a ScrumMaster

5-15 mins: Story Mapping, Impact Mapping, Mind Mapping

15-25 mins: 6 trumps and their importance in facilitation

25-35 mins: Define and engage in exercises to discuss and identify important qualities like empathy, EQ, and active listening

35-45 mins: Liberating Structures

Understand 3 key elements of each of the topics

Learning Outcome

  • Be able to demonstrate multiple mapping techniques
  • Identify and develop several key qualities of a Scrum Master
  • Understand the science behind effective facilitation techniques using the 6 Trumps
  • Generate curiosity to delve deeper into techniques learned, such as Liberating Structures

Target Audience

ScrumMasters, New Coaches, Facilitators

Prerequisites for Attendees

Be prepared to discuss and try some of the techniques being taught.

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