Scaled Agile Framework is getting lot of traction these days and lot of organizations are going in this direction Or are interested towards this. This is definitely a very good framework taking care of Agile scaling needs. But is your organization ready for this? With this presentation, I would like to go through what are different scaling requirements and what all things the organization need to take care of. For instance, Budgeting, Training, Management Buy in, Organization structure changes etc.

This will help the audience to understand the framework in detail as well us understanding the basic requirements to onboard.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

I will start with need for Scaling Agile. Will talk about different parameters as why we need to scale Agile. And then will talk about different ways (Custom as well as frameworks) to scale Agile. Once the context is set, I will move to Scaled Agile framework and will talk about what all it needs to scale Agile using this framework.

Learning Outcome

AUdience will be able to understand Scaling Agile needs and what all it takes to enable Scaled Agile Framework

Target Audience

Anyone interested in scaling agile

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