Congratulations! You are our startup's first Scrum Master! What's next?

Do you fancy playing the first Scrum Master of a startup?

Do you want to live the challenges faced by the first Scrum Master of a startup?  Do you feel that your organization is dramatically different from the 'ideal' organizations, which the Agile workshops project as a basic requirement for doing Agile development?  Do you wish to deliver predictable results while your management is on-the-way to make your organization 'Agile-ready'?  This tutorial is just what you want.

In this tutorial, you will experience the life of a first Scrum Master of a twenty member startup, which has expansion plans.  Each of the audience will put themselves in the Scrum Master's shoes and try to solve the challenges posed by the ever-changing environment, while the company's management is putting its best efforts to make the organization 'Agile-ready'.  In this interactive tutorial, a gripping story-line will drag you into the world of uncertainties where you would be challenged to take life-changing decisions regarding your product team's daily work.

Even if you are not in a startup, this tutorial would benefit you because everyone still comes across ad-hoc situations which go against the ideal expectations of Agile world.


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

  1. Introduction - 3 mins
  2. Characteristics of an Ideal Agile Organization - 4 mins
  3. Congratulations! You are our first Scrum Master! - 10 mins
    1. Our Organization Structure
    2. Our Team members
    3. Meet our Product Owner
    4. You can ask us anything except...
  4. Activities (Series of situations where Scrum Master is required to respond, keeping the restrictions of the organizations in mind) - 30 mins
    1. Challenging Situation - 1*
    2. Analysis of responses to Situation - 1
    3. Challenging Situation - 2*
    4. Analysis of responses to Situation - 2
    5. Challenging Situation - 3*
    6. Analysis of responses to Situation - 3
    7. And so on, until Challenging Situation - n
  5. What did we learn? - 4 mins
  6. The journey continues - 1 minute
  7. Q & A - 8 mins

* Situations will be revealed at the time of tutorial (Surprise element :D )

Learning Outcome

For Scrum Masters

  1. An experience of taking life-changing decisions during the storm.
  2. An idea of how to excel even when the organization does not yet have an ideal Agile-ready setup.

For Organization Heads/Owners

  1. The view of one's own world from the eyes of a Scrum Master.
  2. Ideas on how to support productive decisions during transition to Agile.
  3. An idea of what complaints to expect from your first Scrum Master

For Agile Team Members

  1. An experience of challenges in an aspiring-but-not-yet-agile team.
  2. Undertanding of importance of clear communication

For Product Owners

  1. An understanding that first Scrum Master role is as challenging as the first Product Owner's role.
  2. Ideas on how to support positive changes inside organization to make an awesome product.

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Agile developers, Product Owners



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