In this workshop, participants will practice various Agile innovation games (like Speed Boat, Prune the Product Tree, Hot Air Balloon), which can be used to build collaboration amongst the team members and stakeholders. During the workshop, participants will engage in discussions about some best practices or real-life challenges faced by Agile practitioners and will practice Agile Innovation games to share their experiences with the group.

This exercise will bring out many best practices as well as challenges faced by participants from various project teams. Agile Innovation games are very effective for learning and applying Agile practices to identify and solve some of the project issues through team collaboration. It helps in discovering new ideas and also helps in enhancing collaboration within the teams. We would learn and practice some of the Innovation Games with real life examples which would help the participants to can conduct these games with their teams going forward.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

The participants would be organized in different groups. The speaker will get all the required logistics / stationary for this workshop. The speaker and facilitator per table will the participants on the table to play the Innovation games and share their feedback.

Learning Outcome

  • Understand the concept of Agile Innovation Games
  • Brainstorm expereinces with fellow colleagues about practical experiences in using Agile
  • Learn how Agile Innovation games can be played in workplace and the benefits it can provide.
  • Learn a tool which can be used for building collaboration amongst team members

Target Audience

Anyone practicing or interested in Agile

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