In my experience, Agile adoption started in some of the organizations with lot of hype and inflated expectations. And in such cases, if Agile transformation is not handled properly, it can result in multiple challenges rather than providing the expected benefits.

This practical experience sharing session would cover some such problems I faced while applying Agile in different environments. The audience practicing Agile can relate some of these challenges with their own environment as well. The attendees who are on their path to Agile transformation can learn from the lessons and mistakes shared by the speaker.

The session would cover challenges observed due to nature of the project, customer-vendor engagement model, application of processes, attitude of people rolling out agile, unrealistic expectations, conflict in roles and responsibilities. It would also highlight challenges introduced to some of the roles (like Project/QA Manager/Manual Tester etc.) in Agile environment and impact on billing / project contracts / SOW etc.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

The session would be in the form of experience sharing, where the speaker will share some of his practical experiences while adopting Agile. It would cover various issues / problems faced in Agile transformation and its positive as well as negative impact. It would highlight risks due to wrong Agile implementation and would provide good lessons learnt as takeaways so that they can ensure that identify any such symptoms in their projects as well as drive Agile successfully.

Learning Outcome

  • Understand potential challenges in Agile environment
  • Understand changing roles and responsibilities due to Agile environment
  • Lessons learnt through different Agile implementations
  • Best practices and unique practices that can be applied so that some of the issues (mentioned in the session) can be avoided

Target Audience

Attendees practicing Agile or planning to adopt Agile

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