The objective of sharing this experience report is to showcase how disruptive changes in the market place have driven the execution strategy for transforming a traditional waterfall organization to Agile. 

It also contains a narration of our transformation journey so far and challenges we faced to understand the Key word "Value" across the business value chain.

However for embedded systems & solutions many believe that Agile is not going to work, "our product is so complicated and distributed" (Is this supposed to be a quote?), their nature of business is so unique etc.. and if you ask about scaling then "Forget it".

Hence my session is going to share the practical challenges we encounter and interesting stories of the transformation journey.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

Introduction & Organization context - 5 min
  •  Cisco Video Business and the products - 2 min
  •  Why Agile for Cisco Video business? - 3 min
Agile Journey so far - 35 min
  • Prepare for our Journey - 10 min
    •   Organization Structure – Did we change it?
    •   Choosing Agile Roles -  Did we considered existing employees or Hire new for agile roles?
    •   Culture & Values - does Agile ruin what we are good at?
  • Get Started on our Journey - 10 min
    •   Roll out within the organization  - Who all to carry & how to scale during roll out, executive involvement?
    •   Engage & Buy-in from customer & other stakeholders -  why do customer should care?
  • Mature on our Journey - 15 min
    • Ways to deal with Technical debt - What is technical debt & where does it come from? who builds technical debt? I think management should deal with it !!! Nope employee should deal with it
    • Assess the maturity of the teams - Are the teams heading in the right direction? How we continue to guide the teams through their maturity journey.
    • Ways to deal with Systematic obstacles - everybody in the company are working/facing the same environment, Let’s adjust and leave with it,  Pitfall Isn’t it??
Q & A  - 5 min 

Learning Outcome

  • Key Learnings of our transformation Journey 
  • Insights into how to prepare and sustain your transformation
  • Things to watch out (Technical Debt, Systematic Obstacles, etc.)

Target Audience

Product Owner, Scrum Master, Agile developers, Architects, stakeholders



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