How to ensure Agile and Quality go hand in hand

Working in agile for last 5 years and running 3 different programs with 2 week sprint, the biggest hurdle which I experienced was ensuring no short cuts taken and quality not compromised. Few best practices which I have experienced over last few years is

- Never give waiver even if milestone being hit.

- Ensure right information radiators being focused by leadership team

- Regular Risk assessment

- Don't try and bolt quality by exhaustive QA. Build quality at first level.


Would like to take opportunity to share few key practices to ensure quality not being compromised


Outline/Structure of the Talk

- Introduction

- Challenges observed due to quality fallout. Feedbacks directly from field

- iterative improvements done over 3 years

- Evolution of best practices to ensure quality assured as Agile journey proceeds

- Q&A

Learning Outcome

- What aspects to be taken care to ensure Quality not compromised

- How to track without micro managing

- Sample information radiators

Target Audience

Product Owners, Managers, Scrum masters

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