Way back in 2008, when I started working in Agile, there was enough material available on Scrum and. However when it came to distributed aspect of it, people were still struggling with it. Based on working for years in this fashion, I realised that communication, trust, transparency and innovation are the core fundamental values towards successful distributed Agile implementation.

In other words, as most of the problems were caused by softer aspects of skills (misunderstanding, miscommunication, non-availability of people, mistrust etc), humanizing the distributed team experience looked like the key for successful distributed Agile implementation.

Based on working with distributed teams over the years, we discovered some distributed Agile patterns. Some of them got blogged from time to time. Those already available in form of blogs are as follows:

The session is to share the these patterns and more (when to go for distributed Agile and when not etc)


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • 5 min - Introduction
  • 5 min -  A snapshot on how distribued Agile works
  • 5 min – The challenges of distributed Agile
  • 10 min – Patterns of splitting distributed teams
  • 5 min – Distributed pair programming - our experience
  • 5 min – Local Retrospective
  • 5 min – One Team Multiple Projects
  • 5 min – The nut-bolt pattern
  • 5 min - Chain-Link Pattern
  • 10 min Q&A

Learning Outcome

At the end of session, audience will learn how to successfully execute distributed Agile projects with the help of the patterns and practices discussed during the session.

Audience will also get to know the softer aspects of problems expected during distributed Agile project implementation.

Target Audience

team-member, Scrum Master, Product Owner, CxO, Managers, Agile-coaches



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