I often believe that Organizations who are looking to transform & Adopt Agile primarily do not give enough thought as to WHY they need to transform into AGILE and then start looking into HOW to achieve the goal.

So i would like to take this subject and talk about how to help Organizations to first realize how to figure out 'WHY'.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Introduction

     a. 101 ways to jump from a train ? will you jump from a running Rajdhani for 1 Cr?

     b. Have you been to this venue before? Did you knew all the Signals will be green?

     c. Professional Example . 

2. Which Companies today in the Market are Successful and WHY?

3. Why is 'WHY' important for organizations before starting on Agile transformation journey.

4. Ways to find out WHY for your organization

      a. MILI  Model - More Important , Less Important & More Improvement , Less Improvement

      b. Heat Map on Factors like Team Work, Planning, Requirements, Communication, Technical Practices, Quality, Culture etc.

5. Few FACTS from the 8th Annual State of Agile Survey ( courtesy www.versionone.com)

Learning Outcome

1. Help us to focus on right areas while transforming an organization to Agile mindset.

2. Provides a vision and a goal to achieve.

Target Audience

ALL SCRUM enthusiasts

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