#I-to-WE #Game: Visualization and Brain - Do they really discover together!!

We all know that the world is changing through the elegant shift in the protocols, NWoW and NWoD (new way of working and delivery), how we meet, plan, run the workshop and conference that relates to each other. The Lean-Agile Practitioners will contribute together, Think Beyond murmuring, and they will Experiment and Explore, Together to make their outcomes interactive, collaborative using various LS based approach as well as IAF. The workshop will assist in engaging everyone to build an outcome for facilitation techniques and visual learning . The workshop will also assist participants to know about the elements of an engagement, how we can enhance the wallow visibility, how a brain connects when it sees a visual learning facilitation. an approach which can be used with any stakeholder, either software and/or non-software organisations that assist people to think beyond and make better outcomes with Collaboration.


Outline/Structure of the Hands on Session

  1. Workshop title - #I-to-WE #Game: Visualization and Brain - Do they really discover together!!
  2. Beginning (Getting Organised) - Setting the stage with the audience to let them know about the workshop context and about LS
  3. Workshop Style/activity - Closed Fishbowl Pattern and Flow-based facilitation techniques using LS and Facilitation
  4. Time - 90 minutes is the ideal time
  5. Participants will work together to create their Story Board using Flipchart, Color pens / Sharpies, post-its to unwind graphic facilitation

Learning Outcome

    • Think Beyond murmuring; Experiment and Explore, Together!
    • How to make discussion and interactions more interactive and informative
    • A Glimpse of Graphic Facilitation
    • Work for purpose with creation and navigations
    • Collaboration and its core insights
    • Few Facilitation techniques

Target Audience

product managers, product owners, Development team members, Business Doers, transformation consultants

Prerequisites for Attendees

Be Simple - an Open mind, a lot of curiosity, eagerness for interaction, a thought for constructive participation

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